Tribeca Storyscapes award

The jury of Shari Frilot (Sundance), Charlie Phillips (The Guardian) and Andrew Golis awarded Door Into The Dark the award for best interactive work in the Storyscapes section of Tribeca Film Festival, in New York, April 2015.

Their statement: In an overwhelming media environment in which we struggle for control, we recognize a work that viscerally reconnects us with the value of letting go. It offers a meticulously crafted storyworld that allows us to cerebrally, emotionally, and quite literally leave our baggage behind and step into the void. In that void we become disoriented, take risks, make choices and find ourselves again, changed. Ambitious, simple, and profound, this work marks a fresh and promising direction for the field of immersive theater. It evoked a euphoria that stayed with us long after we left it”


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