“Now this is how to do immersive storytelling.”

INDIEWIRE article on Sheffield DocFest Door Into The Dark


It seems only fitting that I got lost on the way to find “Door Into the Dark,” which is one of three immersive projects at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014. By the time I found the door to “Door in the Dark,” I was thoroughly disoriented, a stranger in a strange land stumbling around looking for a sign that

I was in the right place. Along the way, I spotted a familiar face and, in a panic because I was late for my appointment (you have to schedule the “Door Into the Dark” session in advance because spots are limited for the personalized experience), I shouted out, “Where is ‘Door Into the Dark?’ I realized how ridiculous it sounded out of context and I was met with a blank look. Clearly, he had no idea what I was talking about…”