World’s First iBeacon Documentary: Wayfinding for the Digital Age”

Work-in-progress showing of Door Into The Dark at iDocs picked up by Doug Thompson of – purveyor of knowledge on all things iBeacon-related.

The world’s first documentary developed and experienced around iBeacon technology asks a profound question: in an age of connected devices, Google maps and a fully catalogued human genome, what’s left to explore? When it’s becoming impossible to get lost, what value are we losing from the experience of wandering into uncharted territory? Anagram’s Door in the Dark explores these questions, presenting a documentary in a large warehouse space in Bristol UK as part of the i-Docs festival.”

Here is the article in full.

Work-in-progress of Door Into The Dark at iDocs, March 2014

Door Into The Dark commissioned to show as a work-in-progress at the Watershed as part of the iDocs conference – March 20th/21st 2014.

Offshore drilling, loneliness and connection in the virtual world, and blindfolding the audience

Mandy Rose, of the Digital Cultures Research Centre and fellow resident at the Pervasive Media Studio, wrote about the interactive work curated at iDocs in an article for the viewpoint strand on Imperica.


“Showing as a work-in-progress at i-Docs, Door into the Dark, by British documentarists Amy Rose & May Abdalla of Anagram took the story off the screen altogether. The audience arrived one by one at a side door in the Watershed building where i-Docs was taking place upstairs. On entering, they donned a mask and headphones and navigated their way in the pitch black, with the non-fiction story unfolding on audio, triggered by iBeacon technology. It’s an experience that demands your full attention, and rewards with intensity. @veritymcintosh tweeted; “Heart still racing from the incredible Door Into the Dark… visceral, blindfolded odyssey of a documentary about being lost”.





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